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  • GL18 single 18 inch low frequency linear array speaker system
GL18 single 18 inch low frequency linear array speaker system

GL18 single 18 inch low frequency linear array speaker system

  • Product description: GL18 single 18 and single 12 inch low frequency linear array speaker system
Net weight: 50KG Total weight: 53 KG

Product size (MM): 730W × 668D × 510H

Packing size (MM): 861W × 836D × 672H (carton)

This is a universal subwoofer designed specifically for line source modules and coaxial systems that extends the minimum operating frequency of the system to 32 Hz. The compact and integrated assembly makes it well coupled to full-range hoisting configurations. The specially designed 18" unit and double vents are fitted with a special airflow guide box to form a reflective tuning box that provides excellent results and high sensitivity, low thermal compression and low distortion. The exhaust duct has a good profile that is more conducive to The flow of airflow reduces turbulence noise, and even at a very high sound pressure level of operation, these combined characteristics help to ensure sound quality in terms of accuracy and musicality. The performance of the cabinet depends on the preset selection and system Physical configuration. With the latest innovations in electroacoustics, signal processing and components, it delivers outstanding performance and provides system engineers and sound designers with a wide range of rental and fixed installation applications. High efficiency, low heat Compressed, less distortion characteristics. Even at the highest operating temperature, the bass reflex hole can realize laminar airflow and reduce oscillating noise, so the transmitted sound is very accurate and musical, and the humanized rear handle is easy to carry.

Features & Benefits:

l The design concept is based on the integration of a single 18′′ low frequency transducer into a double bass reflex coordination cabinet, which delivers powerful impact and high sensitivity. The compact size and superior damping characteristics make it It is ideal for compact applications, so it is especially recommended and full frequency (paired/suspended or stacked) to enhance low frequency contour.

l 32Hz low frequency lower limit, high power processing capability, low distortion, low thermal compression. Laminar flow inverting holes increase peak sound pressure levels, reduce turbulence noise, and heart-shaped DSP simulators in omnidirectional mode (symmetric and asymmetric modes). The computer is optimized to achieve good frequency response and phase characteristics.

l (Wavefront Correction Technology) Modular line source system and coaxial system are the ideal complement to applications that require a flat bandwidth extension to enhance the low frequency contour.

l Widely used in theaters, multi-purpose halls, churches, schools, large and medium-sized sports fields, large and medium-sized indoor and outdoor performances, language sound reinforcement, etc.


Basic characteristics

Speaker Type Waterproof Linear Array Low Frequency Speaker

Drive LF: 1 x 18′′

Crossover point 100HZ-130HZ external crossover network

Connection Input 1×NL4

Output 1×NL4

Connection method: ±1...LF

Cabinet Type Wedge Box

Material imported high quality plywood

Surface treatment box black polyurethane coating

Black porous powdered steel mesh and soundproof speaker mesh

Speaker power rated power RMS 800W

Continuous power 1600W

Maximum power 3200W

Directivity ----

Sensitivity (1W/1M) 98db SPL

Maximum sound pressure level: 128db SPL

Rated impedance (single) 8Ω

Installation and transportation

Installation Hanging parts Special hanger with 1/2 inch shackle

Hanging point setting Special three-point hanging

Handling 4×wood handle

Accessories Standard accessories 8×Φ10 stainless steel high strength bolt

Optional accessories Air box, hanger, caster bracket, 4 inch polyurethane casters

Electroacoustic index

Frequency response 32Hz-400Hz (±3db)

32HZ-250HZ (-10db)

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