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  • HA-53 15-inch subwoofer system
HA-53 15-inch subwoofer system

HA-53 15-inch subwoofer system

  • Product description: HA-53 15-inch subwoofer system
Net weight: 35KG Total weight: 37.5 KG

Product size (MM): 475W × 490D × 537H

Packing size (MM): 572W × 570D × 652H

The box body is made of multi-layer solid wood birch plywood. The box body has high strength and light weight. When the sound is sounded, the box body vibration is less, which effectively reduces more harmful standing waves. Customized theater subwoofer speaker adopts outer double-layer heat-resistant superconducting copper. The coil and the light imported paper cone make it have higher resolution. The integral unit of the high-strength cast aluminum basin frame has extremely high rigidity, which can effectively reduce the resonance and easily realize the perfect combination of high efficiency and dynamics. This unit has obvious features such as low distortion, large dynamics, long stroke and high power. The low frequency of the speaker is low and the elasticity is full. Cooperate with the company's unique 6/8/9 channel professional power amplifier, matching K-level pre-decoder, integrated K player, let you enjoy the beautiful music when and where.

The KH535 consists of an 8 ohm, 15-inch large amp low frequency unit and an open box. The woofer unit adopts a high-power voice coil with a diameter of Φ100mm. The voice coil is made of flat copper wire and is wound inside and outside. The voice coil frame is made of TIL material with high strength, which not only enhances the strength of the voice coil but also increases the strength of the voice coil. The power capacity of the voice coil, when installed on this speaker, the rated power can reach 500W, the short-term maximum power reaches 2000W (FB/T9396-1996). The design of the symmetric magnetic circuit reduces the odd harmonic distortion of the low frequency unit to Low level, fully full of the human body's demand for low-frequency sound quality.

The speaker unit uses an optimized magnetic circuit system with high magnetic energy, low distortion and good ventilation cooling. The woofer uses a non-linear thick fiber paper cone with a special damping rubber tape edge and a high-powered sandwich voice coil, plus our latest company. The adjustable time delay symmetrical protection circuit greatly improves the reliability of the product while ensuring the sound quality.

Features & Benefits:

l High-end wood grain paint paint, showing a luxurious atmosphere

l Custom-grade 100-core high-power cinema bass, with carbon fiber paper cone and rubber edge to make the low frequency more flexible and strong sense of surround

l 220 double magnetic Φ100mm diameter high power flat copper wire high efficiency voice coil

l Computer optimized analog design for good frequency response and phase characteristics

l Sensitivity 98db (1M/1W), maximum sound pressure level 129db

l Rated power 500W, peak 2000W

l Floor or embedded flat


Basic characteristics

Speaker Type Passive Low Frequency Speaker

Driver LF: 15′′×1 low frequency drive unit

Crossover point 90HZ-110HZ External crossover network connection

Connection Input 1×NL4

Output 1×NL4

Connection method: ±1...LHF

Box type square box

Material 18mm imported high quality splint

Surface treatment, cabinet, wood grain painting

Black mesh powdered steel mesh and soundproof speaker mesh

Speaker power rated power RMS 500W

Continuous power 1000W

Maximum power 2000W

Directivity ----

Sensitivity (1W/1M) 98db SPL

Maximum sound pressure level: 129db SPL

Rated impedance (single) 8Ω

Installation and transportation


Handling ---

Accessories Accessories --

Optional accessories --

Electroacoustic index

Frequency response 40Hz-400Hz (±3db)

35Hz-400Hz (-10db)
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