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  • HA-52 2-way dual 8-inch center speaker speaker system
HA-52 2-way dual 8-inch center speaker speaker system

HA-52 2-way dual 8-inch center speaker speaker system

  • Product description: HA-52 2-way dual 8-inch center speaker speaker system
Net weight: 16.5KG Total weight: 18.5 KG

Product size (MM): 645W × 228D × 281H

Packing size (MM): 370W × 320D × 735H (one loaded)

The cabinet is treated with multi-layer solid wood birch plywood wood grain paint. The box body has high strength and light weight. When the sound is uttered, the box vibration is less, effectively reducing more harmful standing waves and clutter, and the sound reproduction is more realistic and the sound quality is more. it is good. Multi-cut box design and 120° BMC material horn horizontal coverage can effectively diffuse the sound field and create a full-range stereo field; the very high frequency response curve, the sound reproduction is more realistic, let you embody the immersive sense; this box adopts The civilian high-grade ABS material sound tube guides the airflow, and the bass uses the fiberglass paper basin design to make the sound softer and more delicate, and achieve high-fidelity HIFI sound.

Cooperate with the company's unique 6/8/9 channel professional power amplifier, matching K-level pre-decoder, integrated K player, let you enjoy the beautiful music when and where.

The HA-52 consists of two 8-inch low-frequency units and a 1.36-inch high-frequency compression drive unit. The high and low sounds are based on a number of practical tests performed by the R&D team in conjunction with the structure of the cabinet.

Features & Benefits:

l High-end wood grain paint paint, showing a luxurious atmosphere

l Civil ABS sound tube airflow design, glass fiber cone bass, polymer fiberglass horn and 120° wide-angle coverage for a more layered sound and HIFI sound

l Two-way dual 8-inch low-frequency drive unit and 1.36 inches (Φ36mm)

l Cinema center speaker, directivity 120 × 60 °

l treble horn horizontal pointing with variable angle radiation characteristic horn

l Advanced crossover design ensures reliable operation of the drive

l Sensitivity 95db (1M/1W), maximum sound pressure level 121db

l rated power 300W, peak 600W

l dedicated back hanging piece

l Villa Enterprise Shadow K System Speaker


Basic characteristics

Speaker Type Two-way Passive Full Range Speaker

Driver HF: 1.36′′×1 high frequency drive unit

LF: 8′′×2 medium and low frequency drive unit

Crossover point Built-in two-way 2 .5KHZ

Connection Input Transparent red and black terminal junction box

Output --

Connection method: red +, black -

Cabinet type irregular box

Material 15mm imported high quality splint

Surface treatment, cabinet, wood grain painting

Black mesh powdered steel mesh and soundproof speaker mesh

Speaker power rated power RMS 300W

Continuous power 450W

Maximum power 600W

Directivity 120°×60° (H×V)

Sensitivity (1W/1M) 95db SPL

Maximum sound pressure level: 121db SPL

Rated impedance (single) 8Ω

Installation and transportation

Installation special backing piece

Handling ---

Accessories Accessories --

Optional accessories 506 thickening hanger

Electroacoustic index

Frequency response 80Hz-20KHz (±3db)

70Hz-20KHz (-10db)
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