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  • Product description: EAW JFL213 SPEAKER
2X10′′ adopts open load holding, high-pitched 3X7.5′′ open compression drive unit, horn load.

  The JFL213 now upgrades its main 2-way linear array speakers with the latest drive unit technology for better performance. The JFL213's cabinet features an optimized opening design. Two 10" woofer units are placed at an optimized pitch for extended mode control in the low frequency range. Three horn loads, 0.75" opening / 1.75" voice coil compression drive unit A uniform high frequency distribution is obtained over the entire 110° horizontal coverage.

• In the rigging array, simple tie rods and bar-and-pin hoisting accessories can effectively increase the installation speed while ensuring the correct connection between the speakers and the speakers. The accessory hoisting bar is also equipped with an adjustable base that can be used as a base for the floor stacking system. The two bracket mounting holes can be mounted at an angle of 0° or -15°, so that when the two speakers are combined, the upper speaker angle can be set to 0° when the bracket is installed. Finally, the JFL118 subwoofer can be used as a base in ground stack applications or as a base for mounting poles.

• Switchable (two-amplifier or full-range) two-way speaker system to form a linear array of constant curvature. Dual 10" woofer with open-hole load technology; 3 x.75" open treble compression drive unit, horn load.

• Working range: 65Hz-20KHz

• Sensitivity (1W@1m, dB SPL): LF 96dB, HF 102dB, full frequency 95dB

• Power: LF 800W@8Ω, HF 160W@8Ω, full frequency 800W@8Ω

• Peak sound pressure level: LF 131dB, HF 130dB, full frequency 130dB

• Coverage angle (HXV): 110°X15°

• Drive mode: switchable, dual amplifier / passive

• Lifting rod: JFLHDA black (FB221), M10X1.5 forged shoulder ring bolt

• Size (HXWXD): 314mmX631mmX397mm

• Weight: net weight 28Kg, shipping weight 34Kg.

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