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Large studio lighting system design ideas

Large studio lighting system design ideas

Design Principles

1) Equipment selection requires high reliability, excellent performance and reasonable price.

2) Safe and reliable. Safety is an eternal topic. It is the most basic guarantee for high-performance stage professional lighting systems. The system equipment and engineering installation must be safe and reliable.

3) System requirements have good compatibility and scalability.

4) The main control station adopts imported high-quality computer dimming station, which has advanced technology, superior performance, safety and reliability.

5) The loop distribution design is reasonable. The system design of the control point distribution requires advanced and reasonable, fully considers the different requirements of various performances, and is suitable for the management and use of domestic and foreign lighting designers and lighting operators.

6) The luminaires are distributed in a full range of three-dimensional distribution, and can be flexibly selected or combined to illuminate; the basic light distribution is uniform and there is no black area, which is suitable for the live performance of the stage and suitable for TV shooting.

7) The choice of connectors and wires requires safety, reliability and durability. Must meet the requirements of national quality standards and meet international or national standards. The wire should have the characteristics of flame retardancy, high softness, light specific gravity and good comprehensive performance.

The studio hanging and lighting system studio equipment is HD configuration, the lighting design is the horizontal hanging rod plus the single hanging point of the lighting mode, the horizontal boom uses the latest domestic products, aluminum alloy rod body, double envelope reducer, A multi-functional composite boom with no folding panels and a reliable control system. All booms support the suspension and control of conventional, downlight and computer effect lights.

The studio lighting is designed into a theater and audience area. The horizontal boom distance of the performance area is smaller than the audience area, and a single machine lifting point is designed on the equipment layer. Consider the sound, monitor vertical boom and set hanging point when designing the lighting system.

The studio's performance area is equipped with a light wall. The light wall is used to hang conventional lamps, effect lights and other equipment. It is necessary to reserve enough dimming circuits, straight-through circuits and DMX interfaces.

Optional with a set of aluminum alloy light stand, can be used with different lighting requirements and effect equipment, the active wiring slot with the light stand can provide dimming and straight-through loop for lamps and effects equipment.

The main lighting equipment in the studio includes studio hanging system (the hoist uses Japanese imported equipment), domestic conventional lighting, effect light, flame retardant cable, dimming station (select imported famous brand), dimming cabinet (select domestic famous brand) ). The utility model adopts the horizontal electric boom form and the position closed-loop control technology, and the boom can be controlled by multiple units or can be controlled by a single unit, and a manual emergency system is provided.

Part 1: Basic lighting, hanging systems and system integration (including lighting lines and wall)
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