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Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of four types of lighting consoles

Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of four types of lighting consoles

First, the pearl console

1. One of the earliest professional stage lighting consoles in China, and the largest used lighting console in China, is also the largest sales console series in the world;
2, easy to operate, powerful, the largest number of people in the country, making it a target for some domestic manufacturers to imitate;
3, the lamp library is the most abundant, and the people who will make the pearl lamp library are also the most;
4, fixed operating mode, will be a model, other models of the same series will also!
5. The cost is relatively low. After localization, it is more popular, and it has become a standard in the performance industry.
6, good stability, can meet the test of various professional performances;
7, can use the old single-chip program to make such a powerful lighting console, Ai Fu Li company contributed! Pay tribute here!
1. Because it is a analog console, the DMX output port cannot be expanded, and only the standard 2048 channel can be used.
2. The operation interface is not intuitive enough to recognize the operation status by the status of the LED indicator;
3. A single language mode is not conducive to novice learning;
4. The saved program has no moving function and cannot insert a program between the Cue of the putter;
5, MIDI function is defective, often can not find the input time code signal, the same is true for the import console;

Second, the tiger touch console

1. The new digital console has inherited the advantages of the pearl series console and added many powerful features.
2, small, lightweight, flexible, preferred for mobile performances;
3. The single-machine DMX512 port can be expanded by 64, and the low-cost expandable 12 is currently one of the most low-cost extended output consoles;
4. The cost is relatively low. After localization, it is more popular;
5, touch screen operation, very intuitive, concise and efficient;
6, the official built-in multi-language, the original Chinese menu, more conducive to beginners;
7, simple button library window, very flexible, convenient and easy to use;
8, the mainstream professional lighting network protocol Art-Net, sACN, eDMX full support!
9, the unparalleled hand-written graffiti tablet function, making your marking program extremely convenient and fast!
10, push-type page flipper actuator, fixed actuator, button actuator, it is very convenient, reducing the chance of miscalculation;
11, with most of the functions of the global professional lighting console, MIDI, SMTPE, Winamp music synchronization, built-in graphics library, CITP protocol, pixel mapper, mobile phone WI-FI control, built-in 3D software, channel property editor, palette , network backup, software upgrades..., even browsing the Internet, watching movies, playing games...
1. Expand a 15.4 touch screen on the left side of the console, and then expand 10-15 page flippers. The console's own DMX port is set to 8. It's great! (personal thoughts, huh, huh)
2, if the simulator software can open two ports without sending random garbled, it will be even more cattle! Will accelerate the popularity of this system;
3, time code can only record Cuelist type of program, if you add Cue and Chase will be more convenient;
4, can not read the light library in real time, put the light library needs to restart the software to read;
5, USB port is mainly concentrated behind the console, the front and side are not, it is not convenient to use;
6, the workspace storage button looks a bit less, but 12 is almost enough.

Third, grandMA2 console

1. The consoles of the German MA company are well promoted all over the world and have a high reputation;
2, can be said to be the most powerful and powerful console in the world;
3. Consider more for large or very large-scale performances, multi-user operation and networking, and timely backup function is very strong;
4, a lot of DMX output expansion capabilities, up to 256 DMX lines;
5, Linux operating system, software stability is better;
6, the system is very flexible, most of the operations can be customized according to their own habits;
7, according to different needs of different models, size and model operation methods are consistent;
8. After localization, the relative cost is much lower;
9. There are many professional lighting network protocols supported, and the official software upgrade is faster;
10. Free line and real 3D software for free use;
11, automatic creation, import and export, divergence function, MA skills, pool window, layout window, setting window, backup window, etc. are more convenient;
12, the new operating mode and the use of methods, used to be more comfortable after use.
1, powerful, but some operations are too cumbersome, the software interface is not friendly enough, giving people a dense feeling;
2. Brothers who are accustomed to the Aifuli console, it may take a long time to adapt to this system when they transition to MA2.
3, the program's setting naming is not intuitive enough, the setting is troublesome, and it can't display a few characters. It is better to open the actuator data table during the performance;
4, only one language system, is not conducive to beginners, and there are a large number of short words, brothers with bad English headaches;
5, a large number of grammar, instructions, operating sequences, macros, technical terms, English abbreviations, etc. need to learn, understand, remember, it is a bit difficult to master it;
6, the official online help documentation is very nonsense, it is convenient to write their own, but let the world's newcomers to learn MA, the same function is written in a different place, it is simply chaotic, there are many wrong words, it is very difficult to learn !
7. All the parameters in the table must be set by pressing the edit key or the right button. The selection and adjustment of the lamp attribute parameters are always clicked, dragged, clicked, the arrangement of the wheel parameters, the way to close some windows...etc. People think that the simplicity of operation needs to be improved. It is really necessary to learn from the flying pig or tiger touch console.
8, the attribute display of the luminaire is incomplete, the default is the word shorthand, the intuitiveness is very poor, in order to display the complete, but also to change the light library;
9, the light library editing is very cumbersome, you need to repeatedly enter and exit the menu to set, and constantly press the edit button or right button;
10, different models of consoles, DMX output limits are different, such as Light limit output 8 DMX, want to expand more, higher cost;
11, want to use the MA, you have to learn to plan ahead, step by step, the quality of people is higher.

Fourth, the flying pig console

1. Considering more new digital luminaires such as computer luminaires, multi-channel luminaires, and media servers, it is very convenient to control;
2, the world's most convenient use of the console, lighting properties adjustment, parameter settings, etc. is very simple;
3, a lot of DMX output expansion capabilities, up to 256 DMX lines;
4, different models of operating systems, Windows / Linux systems, software stability is better;
5, the software interface is friendly, intuitive, concise, at a glance;
6, the difference between the different models is very small, there will be one, the whole system will be;
7. After localization, the relative cost is much lower;
8, support a variety of network protocols, the official software upgrade is faster;
9, efficient operation interface, multi-touch, color picker, graphics engine is a bright spot;
10, a new operating mode and how to use, used to be very efficient in the future.
1, the size of the various library window buttons can not be adjusted, the 4th generation has been improved can be divided into three levels of adjustment;
2, without some special features, such as pixel mapping function and line 3D visualization stage, etc., 4 generations are expected to increase;
3, only one language system is not good for beginners;
4, different models of consoles, DMX output restrictions are different, want to expand more, the cost is higher;
5, three generations of light library production, import is not convenient, need to be merged, four generations have been improved.
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