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Why can't family theaters and KTV speakers be shared?

Why can't family theaters and KTV speakers be shared?

Nowadays, more and more owners choose to build a multi-functional entertainment room, sing , watch movies, and play games... not only can meet the different entertainment needs of the family, but also show their skills in the family and friends during the holiday, but when we choose the products, it was not so smooth. Recently, we received some consultations from the owners.

After doing a home theater,  KTV speakers can work as theater speakers too, right?
Actually,it doesn't working in that way.Because the focus of home theater and KTV are very different. If the two groups share the same set of speakers, they will not achieve the desired effect, and will cause irreversible damage to the speakers, greatly shortening the sound life.

Many people have a misunderstanding. They feel that all speakers working same, and what kind of boxes can't be sung. So I directly buy the amplifiers and speakers of the home theater, serving for both  movie and singing karaoke.

This is very dangerous. It is very easy to use the speakers and amplifiers of the home theater to sing. It is very easy to crack the paper cone of the speaker. Once the paper cone is cracked, it is not only difficult to repair, but also the cost of maintenance is very expensive, and it is not worth the loss.

The difference between home theater and KTV system is much more than that.

Home theatre
The home theater's speakers pursue a clear division of labor and a high degree of sound quality, and strive to realistically reproduce the scene, allowing users to have an immersive feeling.

Home theater amplifiers support a variety of channels, can solve a variety of surround effects such as 5.1, 7.1, 9.1, so that each speaker has its own role, the division of labor is clear. Moreover, there are many home theater power amplifier interfaces, in addition to the ordinary speaker terminals, it also supports fiber and coaxial interfaces to greatly improve the sound quality.

KTV system
KTV speakers should reflect the high, medium and low performance of the sound, and have sufficient sound carrying capacity, the speaker diaphragm should be able to withstand the impact of high sound without damage.

The karaoke amplifier interface is relatively simple. Generally, there are only ordinary speaker terminals and red and white audio interfaces. The power of the amplifier is generally greater than the power of the home theater amplifier, mainly to match the power of the karaoke speaker.

Generally speaking, there is no requirement for the decoding format of the karaoke amplifier, so only sufficient power is required. Karaoke amplifiers can adjust the mid-to-high bass and reverb and delay effects. You can adjust the options to help us sing the effect we can't sing.

Since we often sing high-pitched parts in a sly way, the diaphragm of the speaker will accelerate the vibration, so the carrying capacity of the karaoke speaker is very tested.

So, if you have already purchased a very good audio-visual equipment and want to experience the fun of K-song, you may wish to purchase a special K-song device, which will not take up a lot of space, but also Prevent damage to your AV equipment.
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