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Analysis on the Application of Intelligent Lighting Control System in News Studio

Analysis on the Application of Intelligent Lighting Control System in News Studio

The small news studio (hereinafter referred to as the news studio) not only needs to meet the needs of producing high-definition news TV programs, but also meets the lighting needs of different types of TV programs such as interviews. The requirements of the lighting studio for the lighting system are that the lighting quality is high and the color rendering is good. In the performance of safety and reliability, there must be different scenes; the lamps require dimming, and the control functions require local control and scenes. Control, area control, remote control and other functions to facilitate flexible and convenient change of lighting conditions when performing different types of programs. Therefore, the news studio has to meet the requirements of use in the design of the lighting control system, but also has advanced, stable and easy to operate.

The traditional control method to achieve the above functions is very complicated, and the intelligent lighting control system can easily meet the above requirements, and realize the intelligent lighting control to meet the needs of the studio to use different scenes in different occasions.

Composition of the news studio lighting control system

In a completed news studio, the lighting control system is generally composed of three parts: lighting, control equipment, and system network.

1. Lamp composition: News studio lamps are usually composed of three basic color soft light, spotlight, metal halide lamp, astigmatism lamp, beam lamp, skylight lamp, computer lamp and other lamps and color changer.

2. Control equipment composition: The lighting control equipment of the news studio usually has a dimming station, a dimming cabinet or a dimmer, a DMX codec and related network transmission and conversion equipment.

3. Control system network composition: There are traditional DMX512 control system structure, semi-Ethernet network control system structure, full Ethernet network control system structure, and all-fiber Ethernet network control system structure.

For example: a news studio, there are 15 circuits of three primary color soft lights, 7 circuits of aspherical flat convex spotlights, 2 circuits of curtain lights, 1 circuit of computer lights, and 4 circuits of metal halide lamps.

The control methods previously used are as follows:

◆There are 15 circuits of three primary color soft light lamps, one circuit of computer lights and four circuits of metal halide lamps. A total of 20 circuits are controlled by switches.

◆ 7 loops of aspherical plano-convex spotlights, 9 loops of curtain light and 9 loops using dimmer for dimming control.

◆ Use the dimming station to directly output the DMX512 signal to control the through cabinet and dimmer. (There are also some news studios that convert the DMX512 signal output from the dimming station into a network signal through a DMX encoder, convert the network signal to a DMX512 signal through a DMX decoder at the side of the through cabinet and the dimmer; or use dimming The station directly outputs the network DMX512 signal to control the through cabinet and the dimmer, but the premise that the dimming station, the through cabinet, and the dimmer must all have a network interface.)

◆ All the lighting effects in the news studio are done on the dimming station by a professional lighting engineer.

The control mode of the studio is a typical DMX512 control system network structure, which is now being intelligently modified; the specific control methods are as follows:

◆Unchanging the original pattern, the three primary color soft light 15 loops use three six-way fluorescent dimmers to adjust the brightness of the dimmable electronic ballast by adjusting the output voltage and frequency of the dimmable electronic ballast.

◆ 7 loops of aspherical flat convex spotlights, 9 loops of curtain light, 9 loops using intelligent dimmers for dimming control; 1 loop of computer lights and 4 loops of metal halide lamps, 5 loops using smart relays Switch control.

◆ In order to facilitate the control of the computer lights, a 48-channel DMX performance module is configured to output DMX512 signals for control; all control output devices and circuit breakers are installed in the distribution box of the power distribution room.

◆ Install a 7-inch true color touch screen at the entrance of the studio and set up multiple scenes: such as preparation mode, live news, character interview, cleaning mode, meeting mode, full-open and full-off. According to different occasions, only one button is needed to select the corresponding scene, and the system will automatically adjust each loop to the appropriate brightness. For example, when preparing the mode, only some of the lights need to be turned on; when the news is broadcast, all the loops are turned on to ensure the required brightness; when the characters are interviewed, the brightness of each loop is different and the layers are distinct to create a rich and warm lighting environment; In the cleaning mode, only a small part of the loop light is turned on to meet the needs of cleaning; in the full-off mode, when all the people leave the field, only the scene must be selected to completely extinguish all the loop lights.

◆ A multi-function LCD panel is installed in the host area to facilitate the host to select the scene nearby; the scene is set to: preparation mode, live news, character interview, full-open and full-close. In addition, the navigation room is also equipped with a multi-function LCD panel. When the program is broadcast live, the guide can control the brightness of the light at any time to meet the needs of different atmospheres.

◆ Connect a DMX performance module, a fluorescent dimmer, a smart dimmer, a smart relay, a multi-function LCD panel, etc. with a five-type twisted pair cable.

The intelligent lighting control system is suitable for the transformation of the old news studio lighting control system, as well as the lighting control system of the new news studio.

Comparison between traditional control system and intelligent lighting control system

Traditional control system

The traditional lighting solutions of the news studio usually consist of a dimming station, a fixed dimmer and a DMX codec. They are connected by a DMX512 signal line and are operated by professionals during the performance. It has the following disadvantages:

(1) No backup function, there is no double guarantee for system reliability. If you need to increase the backup dimming station, you need to increase the equipment cost;

(2) The operation is complicated, and each program requires a professional lighting engineer to be on duty, wasting human resources;

(3) Dimming of three primary color fluorescent lamps cannot be performed, and all control can only be performed separately on the dimming table;

(4) does not have remote programming and management functions;

2. Intelligent lighting control system

The system adopts modular structure design, which is simple and flexible and easy to install. The control loop is separated from the load loop. The luminaires of each loop are directly connected to the output device. All the devices are connected to the network through a 4-core low-voltage cable (to ensure personal safety), and the lighting scene is controlled by the input device (touch screen, panel). According to the changes of the environment and user needs, only the software modification settings or a small number of line transformations can realize the change of the lighting layout and the function expansion.

The control information of each device in the system is stored independently. The damage of any device does not affect the normal operation of other devices in the system, and it does not cause system defects. The stored information has the function of not losing data after power failure. When the power is restored, the system automatically restores the working state before the power failure. The system equipment is equipped with a "soft start" function to prevent permanent damage to the luminaire caused by high starting current or thermal shock.

The function of the lighting control system is set by software and can be realized by software: switch, dimming, local control, multi-point control, remote control, area control, etc. When in use, the scene can be switched simply by touch operation.

The system can be easily extended and connected with other related control and management systems in theaters and TV studios (such as large-scale studio stage lighting control systems, multimedia internal communication systems, security systems, BA systems, fire protection systems, etc.). , to achieve "multi-network integration, resource sharing" management model. It has the following advantages:

● Use intelligent lighting control system to save costs compared to traditional control systems;

●Easy operation, no professional lighting engineer is on duty, saving human resources;

●The lighting scene can be switched at any time at the touch of a button according to the program and personnel changes;

● Dimming three primary color fluorescent lamps for remote programming and management;

● Can be used as a backup dimming station, greatly enhancing the reliability of the studio;

● It can realize multi-point, distributed control, save energy and facilitate management.


In recent years, with the rapid development of electronic and computer technology, lighting control has also moved toward a more intelligent direction; the performance of the system must constantly meet the new needs of users, and achieve a new supply-demand balance relationship with a virtuous cycle. Based on the fixed mode and control program of the theater, TV studio lighting, audio and video systems, and the consistency of effects, the intelligent lighting control system can easily realize the TV news studio without tedious equipment and running a complete set of professional stage lighting control systems. And the intelligent transformation or upgrade of lighting, audio and video systems for large-scale themed demonstrations.
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